N6217 Busse Drive • Green Lake, WI 54941 • (920) 294-3042 • adopt@glaas.org
N6217 Busse Drive • Green Lake, WI 54941 • (920) 294-3042 • adopt@glaas.org

GLAAS Pet Fixer Training

Training services will be offered by Janine Rubeck, ‘Pet Fixer,’ through the Green Lake Area Animal Shelter.  Payments for training services will be made directly to GLAAS.  All expenses incurred through this program will be the responsibility of GLAAS.


Individual consultations for dog training services are conductedeither at GLAAS or in the owner’s home.  Sessions can last between 45 minutes and three hours, depending on several factors, but the average session is two hours.  The fee is $50 per session.  For in home appointments in excess of a five mile radius from the Green Lake Area Animal Shelter, a 50 cent per mile surcharge will be added to the regular session fee.  For multiple dog households, an additional $10 per dog will be charged in addition to the regular session fee.


Dog training classes will be offered at GLAAS.  The fee is $100 for a four week basic manners class.  Class schedule and availability will vary, and dog owners should contact the shelter for current information.


Telephone cat behavior consultations will be offered at no charge.  Home visits or in-person consultations will be offered as needed and billed accordingly (see fee schedule for dog training).  If the client wishes to pay for free cat consultation services, they may make a donation to the Green Lake Area Animal Shelter.


The Board of Directors of the Green Lake Area Animal Shelter endorses this training program.  There are no expenses or fees being exchanged with Janine Rubeck.


Accepted and approved March 8, 2010


Reviewed January 2, 2017


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