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N6217 Busse Drive • Green Lake, WI 54941 • (920) 294-3042 • adopt@glaas.org

Heroes & Underdogs Program

Heroes & Underdogs


The Green Lake Area Animal Shelter is proud to offer our Heroes and Underdogs Program.  This program involves offering dogs for different adoption fees based on their needs and/or ‘adoptability.’  We may ask a higher adoption fee for a shih tzu puppy for instance, while offering a senior lab mix at a greatly reduced price.  The shih tzu puppy then becomes the Hero for the Underdog senior lab mix.


All dogs adopted from the Green Lake Area Animal Shelter are spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and any individual medical concerns have been addressed.


Each dog will be evaluated as an individual when determining what adoption fee we will ask.  Our general guidelines are as follows:


Some small, pure, or rare breeds, and

puppies six months and under                         $175 - $250  

Adult and/or mixed breed dogs                        $125

Senior or Special Needs dogs                         $25 - $75


When looking at prices, it is important to remember two things.  First, we spend between $150 and $800 (and sometimes much more!) on each and every pet we place up for adoption, including cats, for whom we get an even lower fee.  Adoption fees, while an important part of our budget, do not come close to meeting our expenses.  Second, if you acquire a pet from a source other than GLAAS (or another shelter), you would have to complete all vaccinations, spay or neuter surgeries, and address any incidental medical concerns, at your own veterinarian.  The costs involved could easily exceed $300-$400 or more.  Additionally, adopting a pet from a shelter saves a life.


Addendum to GLAAS Heroes and Underdogs Program regarding adoption fees for cats and kittens:


Kittens and Cats                                                             $35

Senior Cats 10 years and over or Special Needs Cats       $10

Bonded Pairs of Adults Cats                                             $25

Pairs of kittens from the same litter or housing                   $40

Rare or Exotic Breeds or mixes                                        $75

Bonded Pairs of Rare or Exotic Breeds or mixes                $50


This program becomes effective August 25th, 2008


Reviewed November 28, 2016

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