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N6217 Busse Drive • Green Lake, WI 54941 • (920) 294-3042 • adopt@glaas.org

Reclaiming Stray Pets Policy

The Green Lake Area Animal Shelter sets forth the following guidelines for owners seeking to reclaim pets brought to GLAAS as stray:

  • The Green Lake Area Animal Shelter has a voicemail that answers 24 hours a day, when the line is busy or when the call is unanswered. This voicemail is checked several times a day, even on days that GLAAS is closed to the public. GLAAS also has an email that reaches a staff member 24 hours a day. As GLAAS staff members are available 365 days a year, the 7 day hold period set forth by Wisconsin statute consists of 7 consecutive days following the day of intake for the animal.
  • All owners must prove ownership AND current rabies immunization status in order to reclaim their pet. In the event the pet has no current rabies status, the owner must pre-pay for a rabies vaccination at their veterinary clinic, and bring proof of payment to GLAAS at time of reclamation.
  • If we have an existing lost report for the pet upon arrival, there is no reclaim fee whatsoever.
  • If a lost report is filed the same day as the arrival of the pet, no fee will be charged, but we will ask the owner for a voluntary donation.
  • Fees begin to accrue the first day after the pet’s arrival. The fee for the first day is $20. Each day thereafter is an additional $10. Example: Fluffy arrives on June 1st, and there is no lost report matching her description. Her owners call looking for her on June 7th. The reclaim fee is $70.
  • In cases where the pet is not spayed or neutered, GLAAS will attempt to negotiate scheduling a surgery and payment so that it is less expensive to get the pet sterilized than pay the reclaim fee. Example: Fluffy is not spayed and does not have a current rabies vaccination. Pre-payment for a rabies vaccination would cost approximately $40, and the reclaim fee is $70. For $95, Fluffy could be spayed with GLAAS’ low cost program, which INCLUDES rabies and distemper vaccines, and this would save the owner $15.
  • In cases where a sterilized pet is brought to us again as a stray, an additional $25 fee will be charged for each time we see the pet. If the pet is not spayed or neutered, that additional fee is $50 for each time we see the pet. Example: Fluffy’s owner did not get her spayed the first or second time we saw her. This visit was her third time at GLAAS as an intact dog. Add $100 to her reclaim fee.
  • GLAAS recognizes that we have no right to force an owner to sterilize their pet, but we will make every effort to persuade the owner that it is in their pet’s best interest. Fees are not meant to prevent the owner from reclaiming their pet. The hope is that the owner will see both the health and economic benefits of having their pet sterilized. GLAAS will not prevent the owner from reclaiming their pet because of a valid inability to pay the reclaim fee. Compromises in the fees charged can be made at the discretion of GLAAS staff. Exemptions to the fees will be made at the discretion of the Shelter Manager.
  • Owners attempting to reclaim their pets after the 7 day holding period will be subject to GLAAS’ adoption policies and fees. Exceptions are made at the discretion of the Shelter Manager.

Policy approved January, 2013.

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